Jamie Goatley

Jamie Goatley is a seasoned professional antiques buyer who knows the trade. Jamie aims to give a 100% professional service to all his clients. Jamie has been in the antiques and jewellery trade for over 20 years. Using his contacts within the trade he can guide you to the best place to sell your items to buyers in the trade and private collectors as well as being able to make you a quick cash offer should you need to realise capital quickly.

A consummate professional he can appraise your items in the comfort of your own home and will pay the highest price possible for your art, antiques or Jewellery.

Jamie Goatley
Jamie Goatley

As an avid enthusiast and collector of antiques for over 25 years it regarded a natural progression to establish an antiques enterprise over 15 years ago. My ardour is seeking out uncommon, fine, period art and jewellery which might beautify any grand home or sit nicely with a modern-day blend. superbly crafted items are always sought after and capital can be realised instantly for the right pieces.

Jamie Goatley additionally provide a non-public buying provider for busy discerning customers who lack the time to source a particular object.


About Jamie Goatley

Jamie Goatley is a Diamond mounter, Jewellery Designer & CAD/CAM Specialist in Brighton, UK. Hire a Jewellery and Gemstone consultant Today!
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